project management ✅

I've tried many different setups to manage projects: stickies, kanban, many different apps and services, and I failed horribly at getting things done. Now I have a quite simple setup:

  • I use Wunderlist as my main to-do app, with lists for personal and professional things;
  • ‎I generally add all projects and tasks I must/should do/perform to my Wunderlist as lists, so it is common to find lists with dozens of items;
  • ‎Wunderlist has an interesting feature called smart lists that group items from multiple lists based on its due date. I use them to see tasks for today and the current week;
  • ‎My daily focus is always to get done all shit scheduled for today. Everything that can't be accomplished today will be postponed, either for tomorrow or later, so I can focus on what I can do today;
  • ‎Since Wunderlist helps me to focus on my daily goals I have lists for sanzonal projects, like Dsafio, Exercism and HoraExtraJP alongside all their tasks (e.g.: issues to solve, pull requests to review, or events to organize);
  • ‎Integration with my calendar helps me visualize my daily schedule together with compromises (planned working hours, meetings, as well as personal and professional appointments).

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